Burning Man decompression party

Burners often complain that it is hard to go back to the regular world after a week in Black Rock City. That tends to spawn decompression events, where people can ease back into their real lives with a Burning Man chaser.

DSC01999Paul and Armagana have their bar back up and running.

DSC02000They’ve done a little redecorating.

DSC02019They are happy with the changes.

DSC02015The decompression party is hopping.

DSC02017Plenty of PBR. Burgers and dogs too, with pickles.

DSC02018Everybody recounts their week of adventures.

DSC02016New friends plan to meet up the following year.

DSC02013Some new friends arrange to meet regularly at the Ark.

DSC02007Some friendships are hotter than others.

DSC02000Paul and Armagana are already planning to return to the playa.

DSC02021Some good friends hatching theme camp ideas.

DSC02008More PBR consumed.

DSC02005More eye contact made.

DSC01987Everybody is feeling mellow with good memories.

DSC01995Samoa’s Ark is back.



The Ark goes to Burning Man

Paul and Armagana packed up their bar and took it to Burning Man this year. A great time was had by all.

When we first arrived, most of the responsible dolls stayed in camp to set up the bar while I and some sparkle ponies went to a party. The sparkle ponies had a ball and I never saw them again.

DSC01786Paul and Armagana get the bar up and running.

DSC01728Paul’s cowboy hat is already getting dusty.

DSC01730Everybody is dressed to party.

DSC01733The party bus awaits.

DSC01724Gumby and dino party on the bus.

DSC01792What’s Burning Man without an empty hot tub?

DSC01725Mini Man is a two-fisted PBR drinker.

DSC01726The guy in the blonde wig went to a brown bag beer tasting party with me and did not come back. If you take sparkle ponies to Burning Man, don’t expect them to help you pack up at the end of the week. They are out there somewhere, mooching drinks and ogling boobs.

DSC01793Paul is not a sparkle pony.

DSC01794Redhead’s tutu was really too long for tutu Tuesday.

DSC01741After an extremely dusty, windy day, I came back from the Core burn to find everybody partying in the dark. This shirtcocker’s cocksock is very dusty.

DSC01742The hot tub began filling up with dust.

DSC01743Having his bar and hat covered with dust didn’t faze Paul.

DSC01744Dust is a condiment at Burning Man.

DSC01745Tutu girl is thinking about heading for bed.

DSC01785Another day, another drink.

DSC01797Paul and Armagana cleaned up the dusty mess.

DSC01796The party continues.

DSC01795No shortage of PBR. Uh oh, the wind blew over Mini Man. Or maybe he drank too many PBR’s.


DSC01727Mini Man drank a lot of PBR.

DSC01731They will be back in 2015.

DSC01684They saw the Man.

DSC01686They saw the Man from inside his spaceship.

DSC01689They saw the Temple.

DSC01777And the trash fence of course.

DSC01803They went to the Man Burn.

DSC01810When he raises his arms, that’s the signal that the show is about to begin.

DSC01820Lots of fireworks.

DSC01835And the Man goes up in flames!

DSC01840His spaceship burns too.

DSC01851All good things must come to an end, as we pack up on another red sun morning.

We will be back!

Kate stops by the Ark and buys a round of beer

Kate Middleton likes to mix with the commoners, so she popped into Samoa’s Ark one evening to buy everybody a round of Guinness beer. Some of the folks chose to skip the Guinness and have lighter beer, but they were all happy for the free round of quaffing.

IMG_6719Kate goes behind the bar to help pour drinks.

IMG_6723Paul likes classy Kate.

IMG_6724Kate likes the bar.

IMG_6721She’s drinking water.

IMG_6725Everybody else is drinking beer.

IMG_6728What a great night to be at Samoa’s Ark.

IMG_6733Everybody agrees.

IMG_6731Kate is having fun.

IMG_6735She doesn’t get to do stuff like this much.


IMG_6738A toast!

IMG_6732Yay for Kate!

Bachelorette party for the saucy redhead

Everybody in town knows that the best place to have a party is at Samoa’s Ark. Paul and Armagana provide the best food, drink, and hospitality in PlasticLand.

The friends of Saucy Redhead decided to throw her bachelorette party at the Ark. A good time was had by all.

IMG_6598They got a stripper of course.

IMG_6600He is a good natured fellow.

IMG_6603The ladies appreciate his mind.

IMG_6604Saucy Redhead appreciates his tan.

IMG_6607Much appreciation.

IMG_6606And rejoicing.

IMG_6612Time for a break and a drink.

IMG_6613Everybody is enjoying the party.

IMG_6621More drinks. More enjoyment.

IMG_6624Turns out the stripper is a comedian too.

IMG_6626More drinks. More laughing.

IMG_6632Paul needs more margarita ingredients.

IMG_6648Comedian stripper offers Saucy Redhead a beer.

IMG_6635For you, my lady.

IMG_6637Charming fellow.

IMG_6645Everybody likes him.

IMG_6647Time for more drinks and some food. Party on!

Tuesday night card game: Update

The Ladies’ Strip Poker Club has a standing reservation on Tuesday nights. They are always the last to leave.

IMG_6567The result is the same every week.



IMG_6565Paul surfs the Interwebs after closing up the bar.

IMG_6569Armagana rests her feet and has a beer.

IMG_6560Paul looks like Dracula in this shot.

IMG_6573The Ladies Club women always tip well.

IMG_6566Quiet descends upon the Ark as the ladies prepare to leave.

Update: Afterhours on Tuesday night. Tired feet.




Open for business: Update!

The wooden bar is still under construction today, but Paul decided to do a soft open for some friends.

IMG_6528Paul got his new sign.

IMG_6529Everybody looks happy.

IMG_6530Armagana is busy.

IMG_6531The full menu isn’t up and running in the kitchen, but they’ve got burgers and dogs.

IMG_6532Paul is still waiting for his new bar.

IMG_6533Nobody seems to care.

IMG_6534As long as the food and drinks keep coming.

IMG_6535And the villagers rejoice.

Update! The new bar is finished!

IMG_6536Drinks on the house!

IMG_6539Paul is very pleased.

IMG_6540Ring ring! Blam blam!

IMG_6541The party continues.

IMG_6542Paul is still excited about his bar.

IMG_6543Armagana delivers food.

IMG_6544A saucy redhead.

IMG_6547Armagana takes a break.

IMG_6548Rejoicing at the bar.

IMG_6551Paul is still checking out his new bar.

Getting there

In more ways than one. You can find us on Flood Lane, just off WordPress Alley.

As for the pub, it is making headway. I’m mostly waiting for the bar to be finished this weekend. Hubby has to do a little sawing for me. I don’t saw. I can do many things, but sawing is not one of them. Currently, the bar is made of pasta boxes with boards on top. My Samoa’s Ark sign is black and white for now, but I might have enough ink in the color printer to make a colored version.


The food is good

Pub Menu

Sandwiches come with french fries, sweet potato fries, quinoa salad, or side salad. Soups and salads are served with crusty french bread and garlic butter. Please ask about our gluten-free options.

  • Appetizers: Fried stuff.
  • Island Ham: Black Forest ham on crusty french roll, topped with pineapple and provolone cheese, toasted until the cheese is bubbly, finished with romaine lettuce.
  • Italian Grinder: Sliced turkey, ham, dry salami, and provolone on soft french roll, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onions, wax peppers, and Italian dressing.
  • Samoa Burger: Local grassfed ground beef on a toasted bun, with all the trimmings.
  • Samoa Dog: Your choice of Coleman’s natural hot dog, smoked sausage, chicken-apple sausage, or tempeh dog, with all the trimmings.
  • Chicken Salad: Chicken salad with celery, roasted pecans, and red flame grapes, served on a croissant with green leaf lettuce.
  • Martha’s Veggie: Onion bun piled with fresh sliced red peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, red onions, and avocado, topped with mozzarella cheese and toasted until bubbly.
  • Jay’s Veggie: Our signature black bean burger topped with sautéed mushrooms and vegan slaw, on a toasted rice bun.
  • Soup du jour: Curried tomato bisque.
  • Samoa’s Chopped Salad: Napa cabbage, romaine, baby kale, red bell peppers, carrots, dried cherries, bean sprouts, and orange slices, topped with a light vinaigrette and candied pecans.
  • Samoa’s Quinoa Salad: Fluffy quinoa with black beans, red bell peppers,sweet corn, red onions, and cilantro,seasoned with cumin, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.
  • Cookies: Snickerdoodles, Gingerdoodles, Pecan Chocolate-Chip.
  • Cake: Carrot cake, coconut cake, chocolate cake.